Lessons are customized for those who:

  • Are turned off by large, 'power' style classes

  • Are new to yoga

  • Have an old or new injury or physical condition

  • Think they are too old, overweight, inflexible or out-of-shape to practice yoga

  • Are trauma survivors (including those with PTSD)

  • Want to reduce their stress and anxiety

  • Want to increase their flexibility, balance, stamina and well-being. 

Lessons include a warm up, simple postures and sequences, breathwork, short meditation and savasana (relaxation posture).

Students are encouraged to ask questions.

The style of Hatha yoga taught is in the tradition of B.K.S. Iyengar: alignment-based postures which simultaneously develop the body, mind and spirit. 

Students should have a yoga mat (I have extras, if needed), and wear stretchy clothes to allow movement. 

Props, such as blocks and bolsters, 

I provide.